OK, so I have to come to my defense. We are currently looking at all the things that we know we want to do at this place (it's a long list) and trying to prioritise. We are trying to decide what should be done first, with the money we know we will have when we settle. And if Ro keeps going the way he is, we won't be able to do anything. But we'll have lots of stuff to fill the place with ;-)

From the looks of the budget we will be able to paint the interior, including kitchen cupboards and benchtops (just to freshen up before we do full kitchen reno), and polish the floorboards throughout the house, before we move in. We will also put up the shelving we want which will take up one whole wall of our living room - will look awesome! We need a wardrobe in our bedroom, and then we will get a quote on the bathroom. Looks like we will be knocking down a wall or two.

Fun, fun, fun.


The Observer said...

Wow is that what our lounge room is going to look like after we stop spending money on cuckoo clocks and industrial lights? ;-)