A 'Desk Debacle' is on my mind at the moment purely because the room that we decided to make my/Kims office is a little on the 'cosy' side. Which means my current Titanic sized desk will have to go. Which is a good result, I finally will be forced to scale down my office crap. Most of which is completely unnecessary. I want to keep the room uncluttered but even with only two desks and a book unit it's going to be like peak hour in a corporate lift. We will be installing a heap of shelves to utilise the high cellings and this is where I can put my 'junk', well what's remaining anyhow.
Here's a few lovelies from various other blogs, notably Emma's design blog and Desire To Inspire.

PS. Thaw issue 3 is back from the printers. Oh yeah!

thaw in da flesh