Well, I have to say that it is not quite the same in our household at the moment, without Ro. Helena is prone to fits of "I miss Daddy. When is he coming home?" followed by tears and cuddles. The alarm isn't going off in the morning, at 6am (when Ro normally walks the dog) so I am woken by Helena or Tia at what ever time they get up, and find it very difficult to find the motivation to get up, so stay in bed with them until Helena gets bored and insists on us all getting up. Even the dog is acting weird. She barks at anything that moves. I am going to have to take her for a walk today. She must be missing those mornings with Ro. The other reason that it seems weird around here is the fact that we have finally gone to print for issue three. Now I don't have so much to do every day. Dad has been popping over for visit sake, not just to babysit while I run around doing errands. What a change!

On the house front - I spoke to the Real Estate agent yesterday, and hopefully we will get an update today, on when the tennants will be leaving. They still haven't been able to tie them down to a specific date, and we really need to know, so that we can make plans. Will keep you updated on that front.

Missing you Ro.
Hurry home.



Dec said...

Hey guys,

Missing you too Ro baby!! Be careful out there.

When you're back, check out this cool design blog:


Good luck getting a date soon guys. Get those tenants out of there!

Dec x

Gordon Pritchard said...

How does the tenant situation work in Australia? In Canada, if you purchase a house that had been rented, you must give the tenants 30 days notice to leave the premises. That means the new owner is in control - not the tenants.