Your probably thinking, gee aren't they eager.......they don't even move in until April. Well yes your right. But I'm reminded of my days as a Cub/Scout, and the good version not the bad one (Cashed Up Bogan). 'Be Prepared' was our motto, and it's served me well so far. Nothing like a little bit of planning, or in my case imagination and obsession gone wild.

The recent spate of lovely summer weather takes me back to Tuscany, relaxing under the shade of the olive groves at our lovely Villa, or dining in at a Ristorante under the shade of a veranda or umbrella, cool wine, creamy pasta and cheese out of this world. (what a wanker)??
Inspired by these memories we plan to utilise whatever outdoor space we have for relaxing 'al fresco' with family/friends. We have a concrete section just around the back of the house where we plan to build quite a large deck and veranda giving us an 'outdoor' room well protected from the weather and able to be used any time of the year. There will be space enough for a BBQ section, outdoor table and a small day bed/I can no longer sit up to drink this wine I need to lie down bed.

I've been collecting some great pics from various sources, mainly the brilliant 'Desire to Inspire' blog.

I know it's hard to visualise with the back yard in it's current state, but with some time, hard yakka and a viable line of credit magic can happen!


This is pretty well much what I have in mind, only a little wider. How good does that day bed look!

There will be plenty of plants on the back veranda.
I want those doors for sure
Ahem, this is pretty well much perfect.


Bonida said...

I love love love this garden. Where do you live?

Anonymous said...

Yes, outdoors all the way. The folks just enclosed ther deck area in screen - a real new room which houses the budgies and some new plants.

It will be a top addition to the new home..Vin

Kim & Ro said...

True dat Vin! Cold beverages in Summer, Hot roasts in Winter. It's going to add a whole new element to the home. Ro