I'm super knackered and sore in places I never expected.
So far we have a room painted and a few almost ready for paint.
Thanks for all the pop in's and hellos. 

'The house of Cracks' (20 tubes of Selleys no more gaps are gone)
The hallway has been a challenge to say the least. Fake Wood Panel removed, Wallpaper removed, plaster done (3 layers) and first coat of primer is on.
Just after the wallpaper was removed. Did I mention I HATE WALLPAPER???

I do all the pre-work, Kim comes in and gets to put on the first coat of paint. Lucky for her, she looks smashing in Man overalls.


shannon said...

that looks ace to me already - LOOK AT ALL THE LIGHT!!! nice job man hands.

Ballarat Vintage Style said...

Happy to see it's going well. I think you're both going to deserve a holiday after all this painting.

Anonymous said...

Well, seeing that you do all the pre work and Kim does the top coats, you'll have no further need for that old woman who's been there for the last six days. I can have her back then. Dad.

KimRo said...

Sorry you can't have her back ;-)
I bet you're missing her, Pete. She's been so valuable to the project. Ro couldn't have achieved nearly as much without her. You're a legend Lynne.