Today was my last day finishing off the last coat on the floors, three in all and it's starting to look sharp.

We have a shed installed (thanks Tone) and all the rubbish has been removed. Lovely.
I even installed the last set of blinds in the kitchen and cleaned the kitchen. We have a home. 
Tomorrow (fingers crossed) we will have the new gas heater installed and the cable installed. 
Friday we move in. 
A few last minute jobs, of knocking out the love heart tiles under the heater, and handing the sanding after each coat of floor juice.


On my knees again. I have sores on my knees.

Bye Bye Love hearts!
My 'No Women allowed' Shed
I'm a messy worker. 


Ballarat Vintage Style said...

Goodness me, you guys must be exhausted. And you haven't even moved in and unpacked yet!

Shannon said...

how exciting. Im excited for you.

I plastered some ralph birds through steven's 'man shed' . Lola says she doesnt like them because their boobs are too big!

Sophie said...

Oh no, not the love hearts!

Yay, nearly finished, woo.

meglet said...

Is it bad I kind of liked the love-heart tiles? Maybe not the colour...
Looking good though, the floorboards look ace.

Anonymous said...

Wow Ro and Kim HUGE progress...glad the sand hire thing went your way..makes up for the 3 days of pain...Vin