We have been crazy busy in the Anderson household.  Actually, that should be plural - households.  We, in the old house, are keeping busy with trying to get this issue ready for print in a weeks time, having Mother's Day celebrations, keeping the kids happy, and organising things for the move in two weeks.  Ro, and helpers, have been sanding, painting and filling gaps in the main rooms.  The study is almost done, the hallway and master bedroom are getting painted, and the kids bedrooms are almost ready for painting.  Tomorrow the scaffolding we are hiring is getting picked up, and Ro starts the arduous job of prepping and painting the high ceiling in the living room.  

We have only one week to complete all the painting in the house, because we have to start sanding and polishing the floorboards next weekend, so that they are finished before we move in on the 25th.  Aaaargh.  It feels like we are on a renovation show, counting down the hours before we have to reveal the finished rooms.

Too much going on to mention it all. More pics to come...