I am amazed at just how much work can be achieved in just three days! We got the keys on Friday, which was a little earlier than initially expected, and of course Ro couldn't resist getting in there that afternoon, and starting the reno's in some small way.

First thing he did was pull off all the fake wood panelling in the front hallway, to which my Dad initially commented "We're not in a caravan, are we?" This revealed big holes in the plaster due to the glue they used to attach the panels to the wall, as well as wallpaper that would have to be removed. Then, as we moved around the house, we noticed just how many gaps there were in the walls, and windows. (In fact, I think the local Bunnings, and Ballarat Building Supplies have been kept in business these past three days just by our sales of Selleys No More Gaps alone). I am pleased to report, however, that almost all the bedrooms, as well as the hallway are just about ready for painting due to all the work that Ro and his Mum have done. They have been busy bees! I have been able to help a little. I wish I could be there with them more though! I really pictured us doing the reno's together, but one of us has to look after the kids, and unfortunately it's not really a place for littlies, with all the nails and crap everywhere. I had better get packing though. And I am certianly not bored with all the magazine things that need doing before we can go to print in two weeks.

Will post some pics soon.