I've been wanting to give a big shout out to someone very special but haven't had the right image to go along with it. It's tricky.

My Mum (let's call her Lynne because that's her real name) is an AMAZING woman. I know my Dad will be reading this and smiling thinking 'I know she's is amazing' with a cheeky grin of love and adoration. Well the truth is she marches to the beat of what ever drum SHE wants to. She has been an inspiration to me over the years and during the last few weeks she has been at the house putting in hours that would put a tradie to shame. In fact not one of my friends has come to help at the house (bar Cath because she as the darling she is did some much needed babysitting for us) but Mum is there every day, and some mornings she is there so early I'm just getting out of the shower! She even tolerates my music choice.

When I was a kid on the farm, it was Mum and I doing the fencing, tending to the veggie garden, moving the cattle, painting the sheds, choping wood.....you name it. This woman is not afraid of hard work and that's worn off on me. 

Sure we've had our differences, but I can easily put that aside when we are hanging out together at the house, like mates. Appreciate your Mum, forget the commercial crap of mothers day. Celebrate them every day. Thankfully for me I got a good one.
Love ya heaps Mum!


'Lynne' in her element

One of the painful jobs is ripping up the carpet the the edgers
Seriously over forty tubes of filler have been used....maybe fifty

Look at that sweet get-up!
Man style!



meglet said...

Don't you just love mums?
The house is going to look so great Ro, I love the white! Wish I could be more creative in my rental!