Each day we get a little more accomplished. In fact some days are more productive than others. With a little bit of help from family and friends we are making our HOME. So a few folk need a shout out. 
Thanks for the baby sitting help, Cath, Lou and Tone. 
Thanks Dad 'Poppy' for helping at the house and making a great set of shelves in Tia's room and finishing off the mantle piece. 
Thanks Chad and Bec for an afternoon session painting and sanding.
Thanks Tone for the mantle piece glue and cutting and the endless baby sittng help. 
Mum your a machine! The greatest help ever!
We had a great helper yesterday, when Kirsten popped in and did some nasty work in the kitchen, pulling up staples off the floor boards and using a heat gun to pull up the remaining bits of horrid lino that was still glued to the hard wood floor. Thanks Neighbour!
We have two bedrooms finished, the hallway finished and the family room finished all apart from the skirting boards and some door frames. It's a great feeling. And we have some mini projects coming alone nicely. Mum is doing a spectacular job on the fireplace in Helena's room. Pics to come. Our first 'before and after'!

One of our little projects. More details to come.

We ordered our new gas heater.....on credit of course. Ouch!
A little help from Marc and Kirsten on a Friday night. They popped in for a hello and in no time they decided it would be fun to help pulling up staples!
The master bedroom is pretty well much done.
Me painting.....all week. 


Ballarat Vintage Style said...

I love a before and after! Things look like they're coming along just great. Just what I've got to look forward to next month.

Anonymous said...

I was getting tired just looking at the pics..Lynne sure is a rock Ro! Oven looks great..it all is starting to come together nicely.

Hard yakka will surely pay off VIN