Thats basically what a dear friend of ours said as we showed her through the house last night. It's probably the best (most polite) way to describe what our house looks like at the moment. Instead of the other option which is "OMG why the hell did you buy this shit hole"

I'm starting the 'project' today. I'll keep you posted with images as I progress. For now, be afraid. Be very afraid. 



Shannon said...

looks ace to me, love that kitchen...

Anonymous said...

have you got a plan for the mothers day working bee???

see u on the weekend

chad and beck

Anonymous said...

Ghost leavin..

Blank canvas begins...have you a swear jar at the ready?

I can see this house becoming your

Anonymous said...

What a difference white paint can make though. How does it feel to finally have the keys?

Anonymous said...

great to see the new place! can't wait to see it progress into your fabulous home!!!! Can even see a spot to plant next years tomatoes.

Wishing you both a wonderful time making this place your own.

sam and the tomato growers