I have a few fresh jars of my home made Zucchini Relish......grown in my backyard and now turned into a delish relish perfect on cooked meat, in toasted sandwiches or my favorite, on beagle with roast lamb and melted cheese.

If you have some produce you'd like to swap just contact me and we can work out a fair swap. What I'm after is backyard produce, eggs, veggies or jams for winter, which I have bugger ll left.

Also if anyone wants to swap for some fresh Rhubarb I have a batch ready. Let me know if your keen and I'll cut them and swap them.

I have a swap box going on my front veranda. If you're a local I'll pop my stuff in it and just leave your swap item in the box. Easy!

I start with 2.2kg of my home grown Zucchini

Add some heat with Kims Dad's home grown chili

Add some colour (one of these onions I grew myself)

The bright colour comes from the peppers, the green capsicum I grew myself.

With some secret spices and lots of love.......


pictures eat people said...

goodness me, i love your new blog!! i will be visiting this quite often i think...congrats guys xx yummy looking relish too, i'm about to make sausage rolls, might have to make a relish to go with it! thanks for a beautiful post.