Mothers day was supposed to be spent with Mum and Dad and our family at Ercildoune Homestead, but Mums back went out during the week so we popped in to their house for a cuppa and then we went off for our afternoon adventure. We pulled into the car park and started our lunch picnic. Within 5 minutes we had people all over us seemingly drooling over the's always a nice thing when folks tell us of their kombi stories. Post kombi conversation we had a ball walking through the homesteads garden and buildings and where in heaven. The place is so dreamy, every little detail oozing with tales from the old days. The current owners have done so much work over the years it's mind blowing. They must get so much joy from the place.

By the end of the day the girls were so exhausted it turned feral and slightly hilarious. We packed up and made the most of what was left of our 12th wedding anniversary. It's been a big wearing week with a few mishaps here and there........slumping on the couch with the one person in this world that understands me is just sublime.

xo Ro


jodie said...

Hey guys - Happy anniversary !

Lark said...

Beautiful photos - happy anniversary. x

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim Ro Helena and Tia,
I enjoyed reading the blog and loved the photos. That cute caravan is beautiful. Quiet moments crocheting sounds nice. Love Auntie Lynnie

Heartfire At Home said...

Happy Anniversary!! Beautiful, beautiful photos.

Linda. :)