I know it's been a while since the weekend, and I am about to start a new one, but I have to comment on my mothers day even though Ro has already covered it with his beautiful pictures.

I had a gorgeous weekend. Ercildoune was a wonderful way to spend the mothers day, but prior to that I got to spend a lovely day with my Mum and Sister at the Stitches and Craft show. I had so much fun, got very inspired, and really loved spending the day with my awesome mum and sister. It was a day full of laughs, love and craft, what more could I ask for?

Then I got to spend the night hanging out with one of my oldest friends - we've been friends since we were 15. I loved hanging out, and felt like there just wasn't enough time in the night to have all the conversations we wanted. We gave it a red-hot go though. I don't think either of us paused for breath the whole night. I have to admit I was a little hungover the next day too. But I needed the wine for lubrication of my vocal cords!

Don't you just love spending time with great friends.

Kim x

A cute present from Ro for our anniversary.
The apron I made for Mum - bit dodgy, but made with love.

Laney and I made her Nan's a pasta necklace. This is the dying process

This is the receiving part

My beautiful photo's are framed and hanging on the wall
My favourite part of Mothers Day... hanging out with our girls on the grass in the Autumn sunshine.


beck said...

Great post! Loving the fancy necklace,ace apron and just the being together part, it's not a bad life really is it? xo

Bluebell said...

Hi darling. I love the new layout- sounds like you had a bonza marmie day xoxox