Hi guys, it's Ro here. You remember me? I used to hang out on another blog but fell out of love with it, caused some major family disputes and thus decided not to have an online opinion. I've deleted my blog of 4 years, deleted my Facebook page and twitter, don't get me started. All in the name of limiting my online life. It was just taking up far to much valuable time. I'm in the process of cutting out a few things in my life that waste my time. However.....

After consultation with my better half, we've decided that I can be a guest blogger here. But I'm only allowed to put pretty pictures and talk about our life minus the attitude. We'll see how long that lasts. I am a cranky old bugger. Example....this Saturday morning I find myself cursing RAGE. The music is becoming pre-packaged uber hipster. Every Gen-Y seems to like dressing up in American Indian head gear with feathers and beads or the super 'original' style of wearing animal faces masks. It appears that 'they' are scared to be original and just follow someone else's clever idea. And that poor interpretation/eighties music revival is just as annoying as those tights that look like jeans. You know the ones I mean. Man am I over seeing tights on the wrong legs. And I'm sick and tired of shallow people so concerned about how people view them. They seem to go to great lengths to tick all the cool boxes. You know what I mean, those kids that HAVE to be seen at the rights festivals, shows, cafes etc...AAARRRGGGG.

So I failed on my first guest post. Do I look boooovered? I have so much to be happy about with our lovely life so I'm going to share that.....mostly. The fun times, the food, the garden and our dream project of one day finding that block of land and building a dream cottage and planting a vineyard and orchard.

I wanted to start my first post with something nice....a Saturday breakfast. But now I can see my word count getting out of control so I'll stop ranting and talk about my breaky.

Yesterday I had the kids to look after while Kim was out of action for the day. After a bit of cabin fever locked in the house I thought I'd take the girls out to a special secret spot that I love about 20 minutes out of town and takes some nice pics for Kim's mothers day gift. This special spot just happens to have heaps of mushrooms of all varieties growing under the pine tree's. And keeping inline with my ever growing hobby of foraging for free food I picked a few Saffron Milk Cap's (Lactarius delicious) for the next days breakfast. These little treasures are really a meaty mushie. They seem to take on the flavours of whatever else is in the pan, and this morning I kept it very simple by frying them with some butter, garlic (Daylesford Organics of course) and Chirizo (Vic Market). And what better to place it on but a bagel from Glicks (which we now get home delivered with the milk!)

These are the ingredients.....

And this is the dish.

These are the pics I took for Kims pressie.

These are pics of my 'special spot'


Kate said...

What do you mean you get Glicks bagels delivered? How? I want a bit of that action too.
Miss you guys. Let's play soon. XX

gladyandflo said...

These photos are fabulous! Remind me of happier days with Ex Husband (photographer)I have lots of lovely similar shots of my two gorgeous girls similar age. Gailx

Love_Again said...

haha i was only just ranting about the indian headdress thing the other day..maybe you will appreciate this..
(sorry, i have no idea how to add links to blog comments).
probably best not to get too frustrated by the gen-y crowd, there are some less vain and self-obsessed ones amongst us, i promise.

so good to see you getting into the local pine mushies. the photos of your girls are so good.

62cherry said...

i wonddered what happened to your blog!
we are way overdue for a catch up mr ro!!!
ps: thoses pictures are all awesome

Cecily said...

I love this walk too, my two year old has to touch every signpost with la gerche's picture on it, we think it would make a good stencil print for a t-shirt. It would be a refreshing replacement for all those che guevera t-shirts. Cecily