Lots has been going on here, and I am happy to say that very soon we will have less on and more time for relaxation. We have made a big decision here, and decided to stop making Thaw.  This will mean more time for the more important things. And even though we are sad to see the end of thaw (although it may not be the end, if we manage to sell it) we are very happy with our decision, and ever since making the decision we've felt really excited at the idea of having all that time to do other things.  Basically, family is the priority.

So, when we had a small party for Thaw contributors this weekend, to say thanks for all their hard work, it was perfect timing for a farewell drink as well.  We had a ball with so many of our thaw friends under the same roof for the night, and the merriment lasted well into the night and the next morning.  

It has also been a big week for Helena who had her first transition day for school next year - (oh my, I can't believe she will be at school soon!) - and had a ball meeting and playing with other kids who will be preppies with her next year.

On the crochet front, I have about a million new projects, but none of them finished, so I will take some pics soon to post.

Ro and I are looking forward to putting this issue to bed this weekend, and settling into a more organised and fun household. I have already thought of many little household jobs that I will now have time for! Yay. (And that was serious people, not even sarcastic.)

Kim x
A few of our favourite Thaw gals!
Marce and Steph at our little soiree.
Sophie and Teags
The awesome school Laney will be going to next year.
Tia enjoyed the games, too.

This is what my cosy little crochet corner used to look like, but I have been getting excited....
and you can no longer see my basket.


Elizabeth said...

So sorry about Thaw! I've loved it and have every issue, picked up with a anticpation from the counter at L'espresso and enjoyed cover to cover.

Kim and Ro said...

Thanks Elizabeth. x

pictures eat people said...

i will be so sad to see thaw go, but i totally understand where your coming from about having time for family and, well just for yourself. thank you for each and every issue, i really enjoyed them xx