Last May I was knee deep in house renovations. It was cold lonely work. So a wedding job in Dunkeld was a welcome respite for my plaster and paint covered hands. The clients I photographed that day have turned into great friends who I stay with for every wedding job I have in 'Dunkers'. And to make things even more interesting Conchi and Clinton (pronounced Clint-tone) share a passion for great food and wine. Conchi like myself has a Spanish background and it seems she has the innate ability to cook amazingly delish food with what ever she has in the stores. Conchi's Saturday peasant style meal was a late night supper to comfort the most restless of souls. I was so impressed with her side dish of chickpeas with tomato and herbs, and all my ooo's and aaarrr's convinced Conch to give me the left overs for my morning Kombi breakfast. What a darling!

Since then I've made two versions, one with Borlotti beans and one with Chickpeas, both incarnations are equally delish. It's a simple rustic dish, with as much garlic as you desire, whatever fresh herbs you like (Rosemary, Parsley, Oregano or Thyme), some Spinach, Borlotti Beans or Chickpeas and a tin of diced tomatoes. Heat olive oil in the pan, then add chopped garlic (I use 4 big cloves), then in with the beans and tomato. Simmer and then add you herbs and pepper to taste. Best served on crusty toasted bread, I used 2 day old Sourdough left yummy and crunchy when toasted.

It's the best winter comfort food, breakfast, lunch or dinner.

So thanks to my Spanish friend Conchi!


Los campesinos desayuno
I love these kids!
The view from the Kombi looking north to Mt Sturgeon. A photo taken with an iPhone does it no justice.

Every time I stay at Conchi's she is miffed by my determination to stay in the Kombi. But waking up to a view like this is just perfect. Although it wasn't warm.


Love_Again said...

that chickpea dish looks so delish!