I just can't help myself. Last week I fixed up the cabinet for the bathroom and now I have a basin to sit on top! All I need now is the fittings for the outlet and a handy plumber.
This is the style basin we have wanted for a while, it's modern but hopefully not so much that it will date. And I got it for a steal on eBay for $129 which is really cheap. I've been to Reece and Camerons Plumbing supplies in town and the price for what we wanted for a basin like this was around $400. So if it arrives this week without a hitch we've done well. At least it will leave us more money for nice fittings!


Anonymous said...

Looks good!!!
But I'm wondering how you are going to fit the pipes in the cabinet with the draws?

Kim & Ro said...

Easy! I'll cut the draws in half or even two thirds off the length, then reinforce the supports. There is enough strength in the cabinet even with the 'waste' outlet drilled out.

The other option is to glue shut the draws and just drill a nasty big hole in the middle.

Either option it will hold.