Last night I cooked a special mid week meal. Roast Kangaroo with Couscous, chick peas, dried currents, orange rind, Kaffer Lime leaves, lime juice and dried chillies. I love Kangaroo meat, cooked properly, and it's the most sustainably produced meat in Australia with less impact on the environment than cattle or sheep. But that's another story, of which I'm happy to discuss with any anti - Australian emblem eating turkies.

The kitchen is such an important area of the house. It's where all the action happens (no puns please). It's where I discovered how much joy a well cooked meal can bring to family and friends. The range of tastes and flavor's concocted into a dish that makes us feel great. There is nothing better than having people over, music playing, wine flowing and plenty of laughs and conversation.
So with this in mind you can imagine the effort we'll be putting into the new 'old' kitchen.

Unfortunately with time and budget constraints we won't be doing too much to the kitchen immediately, but this is no indication that it will be a neglected room. So far our vision is to paint it white......surprise! To begin with we will leave the existing cupboards but just give them a freshen up with a lick of paint. We will then install a heap of shelves on the wall with the window for storage of our plates/bowls/mugs etc. The shelves will also be home to the glass jars from ikea that we have been accumulating, full of pasta, flours, sugars, tea etc. This will make a great array of colour and texture, accentuated by the contrast of the white walls.

Eventually we'll get a new ceramic sink and fittings, followed closely by a new dishwasher and a deluxe 900mm gas/electric stand alone stove/oven. Man those things make me go all Tim the Toolman...AAARHH ARRHH!!

The floors will get polished with the original renos and the plans that we have well into the future include, replacing the hideous aluminum window frame and installing French doors to the patio.

Until then all we can do is drool over these inspirational images collected from various blogs and photo sources online.


Simple but effective herb storage

This is the sink I want.....nice