Tomorrow morning we open our driveway and backyard to the hords of bargain hunters, and hopefully we clean out a heap of junk that we no longer want and make some spare cash.

Maybe we can buy more crap......just better crap.

Like any of these chairs! 


We love this chair that our good friends Juz & Sim have. We might just have to get one (sorry guys). 

Or maybe I could get more clocks. You can never have enough old broken clocks. Logic?


Anonymous said...

Just been catching up. Loved the post about the appliances...great savings too! So mayne 5 weeks to renos start...this will be the fun part. The battle on which part of the elephant to tackle first...glad to be observing from the interweb!


Kim & Ro said...

What a life Vin....we watch your travel adventures online and you'll watch out tears and toil!!!!