For those locals (living in Southern Victoria) how perfect was yesterdays weather?!
Absolutely inspiring. We kinda faffed about all day doing little joyous things and enjoying the public holiday. I bought Laney a tiny version of my tin watering can and she went about watering (with bath water) our collection of plants in pots, of which we have a decent collection. They sit patiently in a row on our wobbly brick paved back yard waiting to go into rich soil and reach for the stars. I have heaps of small stuff, like seaside daisies, strawberry, Impatient's, Monstera, Tea Tree, plenty of herbs etc. I have three decent sized shrub/trees; an olive, lime and a lemon. They don't grew well in pots and we are hanging to get them into the ground. Have I told you that I've kinda designed the backyard? I'm a little embarrassed by myself for spending the time in Illustrator and MapInfo making the draft design (it's even to scale). But here it is.

I know what plants I want and almost were they will go. We'll have a little oasis where some of our food will grow and we can relax with family and friends for lazy afternoons, with vino, stinky cheese and crackers. Come on! When can we move in!!!!!??

Here's some of our inspiration.