I bought this picture frame from the Daylesford trash market about a year ago and I've been waiting for an idea of how best to use it. I paid the whopping sum of $5.00, they guy I bought it off just wanted to get rid of it, I'm not sure why. It's full of character. I was going to paint it either white or black gloss but then Kim suggested I keep the wooden beauty. So I sanded it back and then covered in the same bee's wax stuff that I treated our kitchen table with that I made out of recycled floor boards. I'm pretty happy with the result and think it will look great on our future white walls. All I did was nail on some cheap cork boards at the back and set a wire hanger. 

Check it.


$5 wooden carved frame
Photo Board
Photo Board

Photo Board


oscarmacoscar said...

I love it, looks fantastic. Good work Ro!