The early signs of cooler Autumn weather have finally arrived. Although not in any subtle form what so ever! Ballarat recording some of the strongest gusts with the wind change with over 100km/hr winds. I went for my morning ride this morning and all the walkers around the lake were rugged up in beanies, gloves and scarves. A smile raised at the corner or my mouth. Change, the essence of an interesting life had finally come back. With the cooler weather testing my climatic endurance I started thinking of standing in front of a warm fire, which although brought some nice thoughts it also brought me back to another little choice that we need to make about the interior of the new place.

OK so we've made it pretty clear that the house will be painted white all through the inside, but that raises a few questions in regards to other internal elements. I originally wanted a fireplace (gas) with an ornate mantle piece also painted in black. My original idea was to make the faux gas coal fire place the center piece of the room. Normally this would be okay, however we have lovely dark brown (nearing on black) leather couches which even with 12" white ceilings and walls the room might look a bit dark. So with a little subtle persuasion from Kim I've come round and now we will probably do black fireplace with a gloss white mantle piece. What do you think? Here is a few randoms from Desire to Inspire/Selby and other web sources that I can never keep up with.


Anonymous said...

I like the black look with a white mantle...will bring out the "fire look" better IMO.

Bloodty cool down here too mate. Thewind is howling like a pack of wayward dingoes...Vin