A little bit of a boring post, but exciting for us.

Last week our $80 Big W temporary microwave died. Well not completely, I'm sure it still works perfectly well, it's just that we can't get the door open when the button is broken. So off to the local white goods retailer I go dreading the inevitable....dealing with commission hungry cheesy sales people. Cringe worthy.

So here I am by myself during a mid-week lunch break let loose among the appliances. A dangerous scenario indeed. Why? Because I just happened across this Whirlpool 90cm free sanding oven/cooktop that is on special. It's a display model and has been super seeded. We had allocated $2,000 for the oven but got this gem for only $1575, it's original price was $2,200!!! The fiscal saving is so impressive that it leaves us money to pay the plumber to install it and one almighty big Lamb Roast. Happy Days.

I did eventually get a microwave.....on special of course. But we only saved $65 on that purchase, which after the $625 saving on the oven seems a mere trifle.

That's not all, there's more savings. We picked up a new toaster took it to the register, payed for the three items and left the store. It wasn't until we got home that we noticed that they hadn't even charged us a thing for the toaster! Weird. So I think today might be one of those days when your good karma in the past comes back to reward you.



PS. The new microwave doesn't have a button to open the door. It has a handle. Clever. Well done Omega.