This morning I got up early coughing and spluttering, but determined to at least to go for walk with Peggy, however it was a pretty glum outlook, dark and drizzling. So I gave it a miss. The weather is trying to change seasons, really it is. That's one thing we do love about Ballarat. We do get four distinct seasons, and the change of is usually quite obvious. Last year inspired by a few wet days I started planting herbs like crazy in my front garden. Even though it was a rental I figured if I was improving the tired look of the garden I wouldn't get into too much strife. All winter the plants slowly grew, and when Spring finally came the little patch of dirt was buzzing with life....and Bee's!

A lovely friend of mine (The lovely Cupcake Cath) just gave me a Passion fruit plant for my birthday, which I'm stoked about. She even referred to my list of plants that I had in mind for the backyard! What a darling!
Anyhow, it's joined the row of pot's sitting out the back waiting to be slotted into the soil to settle in and grow. That's the best part about gardens. Watching your little ones grow up. I'll admit that I even get excited! If that makes me a dork then so be it. I'm comfortable with that.

So with a little bit of moisture and a ray of morning sunshine I decided to find some garden pictures that make me swoon. Backyard views that in a short while I'll be able to create!


Outdoor furniture if done right looks great with a green natural back drop.

How cute is this...?
We have a 'besser' brick back wall in the garden which is actually the back neighbours shed! But I'm pretty happy about having it because I can render it (not bagging it, I'm going the whole hog). And I'm going to use a tint to get a terracotta feel. Then grow grapes and Passion Fruit up it to create that stunning contrast of human made Vs. nature.

The contrast of the purple/pink against the terracotta wall is sublime.

How beautiful is this? I'm thinking of growing something like this to cover the back 'Besser' Brick wall.